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Truxedo Truck Bed Covers PSG Automotive Sidney Ohio

The Truxedo Titanium Hard Roll-Up truck bed cover features ultimate security and easy operation. Not only does the cover lock with the tailgate keeping everything inside safe, but also has a fast and simple installation with no special tools required.

Lo Pro

Truxedo Truck Bed Covers PSG Automotive Sidney Ohio

The Truxedo lo pro Soft Roll-Up truck bed cover features a sleek, Low Profile Appearance, and has Automatic Tension Control keeping the cover tight and looking good. The lo pro is an elite roll up cover that includes a Lifetime Warranty.


Truxedo Truck Bed Covers PSG Automotive Sidney Ohio

The Truxedo Edge features an aerodynamic and attractive design. This cover can be adjusted for any climate to keep everything tight and functional.


Truxedo Truck Bed Covers PSG Automotive Sidney Ohio

The Truxedo TruXport Roll-Up truck bed cover is a quality roll-up cover at a snap cover price. The cover looks great and has simple, one-person operation that can roll up and be stored in seconds.


Truxedo Truck Bed Covers PSG Automotive Sidney Ohio

The Truxedo Deuce truck bed cover is not only a tough roll-up cover, but is also hinged at the front, providing front-bed access. This cover is the first of its kind, and Automatic Tension Control keeps the cover tight in fluctuating temperatures to ensure a functional cover.

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truck bed stick retriever reach

The Cargo Retriever extends your reach the entire length of the truck bed. From the tailgate you can easily handle items near the cab, or objects that have slid out of reach. The Cargo Retriever can be stored conveniently on the side of the bed with clips that mount on to the rails of your tonneau cover.

Stake Pocket Covers

stake pocket covers snap in

TruXedo Stake Pocket Covers are sleek, high impact plastic inserts designed to easily snap-in to stake pocket holes. Simply place the cover over the stake pocket hole, and snap in to place.


expedition tonneau cover extra storage cargo bag

The Expedition offers you the utility of a toolbox when you need the extra storage. This rail-mounted cargo bag boasts eight cubic feet of extra storage space. It’s easily installed and fits most full size truck beds.

This weather-resistant cargo bag comes with plastic floor panels and inserts for customizable support and organization, and also sports an open pocket in the front.


tonneau mat universal toolbox

TruXedo’s TonneauMate is a completely universal toolbox and fits most full-size trucks. Its unique, elevated mounting allows for use of the entire truck bed floor while allowing a truck bed cover to be installed directly above it. Lockable storage and durable construction means the TonneauMate is built to last.

Bulkhead Tray

bulk head tonneau cover tray organizer

The Bulkhead Tray is a universal storage solution designed to keep loose items organized and off the floor of your truck bed. This convenient storage tray works great with any tonneau cover, and the adjustable leveling system secures a tight fit to the bulkhead of the truck bed.


protex Soft tonneau protectant spray

Pro-Tex soft tonneau protectant spray cleans, conditions, protects and extends that life of all vinyl tonneau covers. Also works great for tires, dash, trim and convertible tops. Pro-Tex is water-based, and contains no damaging silicones. Just spray on and wipe dry for a clean, like-new look and finish.

Pro-Tex is not for absorbent fabrics, carpeted floors, or porous absorbent leathers.


truck bed toolbox swingcase toolbox inside mount

Built to last from lightweight, high impact ABS plastic, SwingCase is tough, weatherproof, and is custom fitted for your truck. The SwingCase is affordable too. In fact, you can purchase two SwingCases for less than the price of and old fashioned truck bed tool box.


truxmat utility mat heavy duty rug

The Truxmat utility mat is great for your garage, boat, RV, home or even your garden. The ideal racetrack mat or mechanics work mat. This comfortable 2′ x 4′ foldable mat has a 3/4” thick plush, foam pad. Made with 100% polypropylene fibers.

B-Light – Battery Powered

truck bed lighting led strip tonneau covers

The wired B-Light is an under-rail truck bed lighting system that illuminates the entire bed with one switch that mounts conveniently in the truck cab. The B-Light system is compatible with all makes/models of pickup trucks, and every style of truck bed cover. The kit contains eight lights with six LED bulbs to illuminate every corner of the truck bed.


truck bed saddlebag tonneau cover rail bag

The SaddleBag by Truck Luggage is custom made to fit any open-rail truck bed, mounting on the rails of your tonneau cover for maximum compatibility. The SaddleBag comes with two cargo levels, a zippered lower level, and outer pockets. Heavy-duty inserts ensure long-lasting strength and a tailored look and feel.