Bed Rug

BedRug for sale Sidney Ohio. PSG Automotive.

BedRug is the ultimate bed liner protection accessory that is non-abrasive and will never scratch the paint finish of your truck bed. Installation is a breeze and it is guaranteed that your truck bed will look the same years later as the day you put the BedRug to work. It has thick impact absorbing closed-cell foam for heavy drops, cushioning your knees, protecting your cargo, is soft enough to sleep on, will keep your stuff from sliding around – all backed with a lifetime warranty!


BedRug can handle the toughest and dirtiest buckets of gravel.


Hauling mulch isn’t even close to an issue.


Delicate enough to jump into comfortably, yet, prepared for the chance of a mess.


After having gravel or other materials in the bed, power wash it out and it’s brand new every time.

bedrug for jeep sidney ohio

Not just for truck beds! BedRug perfectly fits several Jeep models and adds an unseen level of protection from the elements.


Easily spray off and get back to your life.

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Bed Liners

bedrug bed liner

BedRug – Starting at $438

bedrug bedtred pro

BedTred Pro – Starting at $438

Bed Mats

bedrug mat bed mat

BedRug Mat – Starting at $105

bedrug without spray liner

BedRug Mat Without a Bed Liner – Starting at $159

bedrug with spray in liner

BedRug Mat with Spray in Liner – Starting at $159

Jeep Kits

bedrug for jeep

BedRug Mat – Starting at $174

bedtred for jeep

BedTred Mat – Starting at $215

Van Kits

bedrug vanrug interior mat

VanRug – Starting at $160

bedrug vantred interior mat

VanTred  – Starting at $201