Why Have Your Logo and Information On Your Company Vehicle?

4 Reasons

Mobile marketing is huge..in the digital world! However, mobile marketing still exists in the physical world where your customers actually are and it is here to stay.

If you operate an electrical company with a huge fleet of vehicles or a construction company with several pieces of machinery, trailers, and trucks, putting your company’s logo on the side of your equipment is a low-cost, high-visibility form of direct marketing. Below are some of the advantages and how we can help you impress your customers:


  1. Logo Design 

It’s possible that you already have a logo, which saves a step in the process (& time & money). However, if you are a business that doesn’t have a logo, we design logos and can print them out on high-quality materials that will last a long time. Simply adding your logo to your company vehicles/equipment can increase your public visibility and the best part, it’s a one-time fee.


Consider billboards for a second; some people pay a steep price to have their logo and information plastered on a billboard that stands still with most of the same people driving by it every day. Your company vehicle goes everywhere you do, meeting the eyes of thousands of new people on every trip. The next step is to have a creative, eye-catching design that will grab other people’s attention (that’s where Visual Concepts comes in!). Most of the time you have about 1.5 to 3 seconds to make an impact with a drive-by…we’ll make it count.

3. Flexibility of Logo Placement

You are free to design your mobile marketing platform by whatever means you want. You’re not stuck with having a logo painted on or a sign that is stuck in the ground. Yes, there are options to wrap your whole vehicle in one of our wraps (which are EXTREMELY catchy and work well), but perhaps you want more flexibility? Possibly a window decal for those behind you? Side panel lettering? Removable roof top sign or even a magnet that comes off when you want it to? There are several options, but it depends on what you want to achieve. The option is yours, the design is ours.

  1. Branding Your Business

A good logo becomes the “face” of your brand and good graphics becomes the “body” of your market. Generating leads because your brand was more visible in the area is an awesome way to boost awareness of what service or product you provide to your region. Having your logo and information is great to have on the job site because the service can be attributed back to the job well done by the employees, creating an affiliation between the rest of your trucks and vans that are in the area which also separates you from the competition.


Having a logo and information connected to a business vehicle also increases the expectation of superb customer service and behavior by employees who are driving them. Friendly-driving, good parking habits or anything else that might leave a good impression is now connected back to the culture and mission of the business. The habits of every employee driving a company vehicle that has a logo actually acts as a marketing tool that reaches those same thousands of people in the community who might be looking for the service you provide – show them you are the best and you want their business.


Visual Concepts: Sign Making Solutions
Literally –> your logo says nothing.


Figuratively –> your logo says everything.


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