Choosing the Right Cargo Carrier

With so many cargo carriers on the market, it is tough to choose the right one!

First, what is a cargo carrier?
A cargo carrier is a storage system for carrying additional cargo on a trip. Oddly shaped gear or items that take up a lot of space often won’t fit in your car or don’t allow any room for passengers. Fortunately, there are cargo carriers which attach to your vehicles roof or hitch and can help you get your gear from one place to another. These carriers come in a variety of options and are durable and designed to withstand harsh rain and weather conditions in order to keep your cargo safe.

What to look for? 

There are many different types and styles of cargo carriers, but the two most common are roof or hitchmounted. Cargo carriers come in hard boxes or soft bag versions to transport different items. In order to determine what features your carrier requires, you need to look at what you are loading. There are many specific carriers such as those built for bikes, skis or kayaks, but there are also many general options that allow you to carry a large item or multiple items. You will want to keep in mind that most carriers require accessories to help secure the items you are carrying and many rooftop carriers require racks to be installed.

What are the different carrier options:

Roof Rack Cargo Box: A cargo box is a must-have accessory for any regular road tripper. The internal dimensions are 2110mm long, 860mm wide and 390mm height. Our unique Master Fit Technology means you can quickly and safely fit the box by using a revolutionary Twist to tighten and press to lock clamping system that just about anyone can use. Aerodynamically designed and built from tough and durable materials, the RMF550 will protect your belongings from all kinds of weather. ​


Roof Baskets or Trays: There are several roof tray options ranging from small (47″ x 36″ x 7″) to large (63″ x 44″ x 7″) size baskets. These baskets are manufactured by Rhino-Rack Canada, a trusted and heavyweight brand in this market, and are of a two piece steel construction making them strong and durable.


Roof Luggage Bag: Keep your extra bulky lightweight gear safe and sound on the road with a luggage bag! There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination, unpacking your camping gear, and pulling out a wet sleeping bag from the drive. These bags feature a protective velcro flap, water resistant zipper and a heavy duty abrasion resistant base and are 100% waterproof up to 24 hours of torrential rain.


Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier: The hitch-mounted cargo carriers are designed to attach to a 2″ trailer ball and come in a variety of options. There are specialty carriers for motorcyles and scooters as well as cargo basket options with capacities of up to 500lbs.


No matter what your adventure of choice is, there is a cargo carrier option for everything you might need to transport. With trusted brands like Rhino-Rack, you are sure to get quality products with lasting durability.


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Written By: Amy Lizee on Friday, January 22, 2016

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